Slipping away

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A pilgrimage on dusty roads  through spectacular landscapes. The sun paints artistic shades on sandstone mountainsides. The wind carries a strange freshness in the air. The Maluti mountains boast their splendour. The African soil under your feet reminds of a journey deep within.
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Training for Namibia


Walking in the hills in the South of Johannesburg this morning, I was confronted with so many choices – all just choices of which way to choose to go; left or right…

I just realised that life is like that too – although the destination is to get to the top of the mountain, I have to walk through a maze of options, continually choosing to go left or right until eventually reaching the top.

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While training for the Namibia prayer-walk, God spoke into my heart to share a testimony from when I prayer-walked New Zealand. I was somewhere between Raglan and Kawhia, on the North Island. I had to sleep over under the stars and got up very early in the morning to continue my journey. I started walking at day-break. I picked up my backpack and saw a wide hole in the ground. There was a place where I thought I could just jump over. I walked back a few steps and with a running start I jumped for it.

Flying through the dim dark of dawn, I saw I was going to make it. My right foot hit the ground first. I felt the muddy ground give way and I could feel my foot cutting deep into the soft earth. The impact of the jump as well as the extra weight of the backpack pushed me into the dark ground and I felt a solid rock-like object catching the inside of my sole. In that split second, everything felt slow-motion – I felt the turning action of my foot and the thought of a sprained or broken ankle was most unwelcome! But at the same moment a scripture flashed through my mind.

Psalm 18:36 – You provide a broad path for my feet, so that my ankles do not give way.

I felt something like a hand take hold of my ankle, bending it back into a straight position and the landing ended perfectly. I stood up from that muddy heap of ground and turned around. There was no one. I walked on with a feeling of awe …

God visited me by His grace that morning …

When I thought, “My foot slips,”
your steadfast love, O LORD, held me up. (Psalm 94:18, ESV)


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  1. Felicity Barnard says:

    God bless you Peet! You are a blessing. Much love from New Zealand.
    Felicity, Marion and friends.

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