Samson – no ordinary guide

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A pilgrimage on dusty roads  through spectacular landscapes. The sun paints artistic shades on sandstone mountainsides. The wind carries a strange freshness in the air. The Maluti mountains boast their splendour. The African soil under your feet reminds of a journey deep within.
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The first time I saw Samson, was on a cold and rainy day. My first impression of him, as he got onto the train, was of his contrasts:

  • A huge personality with a gentle approach …
  • Golden hair – thick and soft …
  • Big heart of Lion heart …

Samson travels free, like any guide dog on a train. A dog with a free spirit and his master nervously clinging on.

They got onto the train and took the seat right next to me. After a few minutes, at the other end of the compartment, the conductor entered.

It was time to show your ticket or to pay.

My neck jerked to follow my eyes – did the blind guy actually look around for his money!? My mind raced! How did this guy know to get out his wallet at the right time. Why did he turn that coin over to look at the back? It became clear that the master of the guide dog wasn’t blind.

I started a conversation and was fascinated to hear that Samson was a special kind of guide … for people with epilepsy.

Samson goes with to work. Samson goes with on the public transport. Samson is in the kitchen while his master prepares dinner… when he is in his room, or jogging around the field. This guide dog has the wonderful ability to sense when his master is about to have an seizure. He would then signal a warning by coming close and cuddling his master. Upon such a warning it makes sense to go down to avoid falls, hurts, breaks or damages. It is especially helpful, for example, while cooking food on the stove.

If Samson warned of an on-coming seizure, his master could quickly switch the stove off and sit or lie down on the floor.

The master told me that Samson saved him from quite a few near-disasters. It was just a matter of trusting his guide.

… I wondered about Samson with his biblical name. I wondered about this guide, warning his friend to go down when a situation is about to become dangerous. I wondered about the spiritual lesson I could learn.

Then it struck me: Where-ever I go, I have a Guide with me. The Holy Spirit. He goes with me to work. He goes with on the road.  The Holy Spirit is in the kitchen while I prepare food… when I am in my room, or jogging around the field.

And when trouble comes – He is the One tugging at my heart, prompting me to go down. To go down and find refuge on my knees in prayer.

It is just a matter of trusting Him and of following His guidance.

I want to encourage you to trust Him and when you get that feeling in your heart, as if something is not right, then go down on your knees. Pray!

He is the one who leads us beside the still water, and makes us lie down in green pastures. Let Him lead you.

Worship from within

Father, there is a song deep within

where do I start, or even begin

give words to this thin’

kind of bubblin’

right under my skin

a heart a singin’

Spirit, make alive

my heart’s song to revive

Jesus to honour

gifts inside to stir

majesty on YOU we confer

things around become a blur

wordless worship occur

heart’s song in love transfer

endless adoration in every tear

break this heart of stone

“create in me an undivided heart”

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