Rider on the white horse

11 days that will transform you life
A pilgrimage on dusty roads  through spectacular landscapes. The sun paints artistic shades on sandstone mountainsides. The wind carries a strange freshness in the air. The Maluti mountains boast their splendour. The African soil under your feet reminds of a journey deep within.
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Early one morning I set out for a long day’s prayer-walking. Filled with much enthusiasm I haven’t even walked a kilometre, before feeling an urge in my heart to pray for something specific. I was passing close to a Buddhist temple. I felt to walk around the area on which it stands, and reclaim the land for Jesus.

It would be a prayer of proclamation that Jesus is King and that He alone is worthy of all our praise. By praying as I walked around the temple, I knew the spiritual atmosphere would be changed. So, before I started, I stopped and sat down on the edge of the pavement from where I could see the temple. I typed a text message informing the prayer partners what I was about to do and asking them all to pray with me. I started to send the text message to them one by one, praying for each of them individually as I sent it.

As I was doing this, I noticed a man across the road, in the paddock, leading a white horse in my direction. Somehow it struck me that this was very significant. I kept on sending the text messages without mentioning anything about the man with the white horse. He came to the fence and hooked the horse onto a pole directly across from where I was sitting, Again I wondered about the significance – but I didn’t understand it (yet). The man came around the horse, lifted the horse’s feet and cleaned the hooves … I was intrigued. I thought to myself – that horse is being prepared for service. Still I didn’t say a word of this to the prayer partners but just kept on sending the original message. As I finished off, I started receiving messages back from prayer partners. God spoke to me through a text message! A prayer partner, without having any knowledge about the white horse, sent me the following:

“Can you ask Lord Jesus to fight the battle for you … let th captain on th white horse of Rev ride and fight 4u! You worship for the victory already won 2day and see th work th Lord will do on yr behalf”

Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse! The one sitting on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he judges and makes war. (Revelation 19:11, ESV)

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