Praying the hell out of Hillbrow

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Now brother, aren’t those words a little strong?

No … and not even putting it lighter “Praying the HILL out of HILLbrow” may help to raise the levels of faith needed to pray for this place.

Here are some teasers for those who have a little more time to read about Hillbrow:

“A teeming mass of activity, Hillbrow is seen by many as a place where the entirety of South Africa’s evils can be found, an epitome of drug dealings, prostitution, gangsterism, illegal immigrants, squalor and crime.”

And “With danger at every turn, Hillbrow is a hot spot for entertainment junkies who like to live on the edge, the most dangerous time being New Year’s Eve when the streets rain with disused fridges, microwave ovens, beds, rubbish bins and electric stoves – the traditional way of ushering in the new year for flatland dwellers.”

And “We found that there are cases where 7-12 people are living in a bachelor flat”

(About Hillbrow Johannesburg News Agency, at

A prayerwalk in the safety of the car. (Well that is if you think a car is safe in this area.) I felt the urge to fast a meal and in that time – go pray for Hillbrow.

What you are going to read here is not meant to entertain you at all. I have a desire in my heart that you will be stirred to pray, and at least fast one meal and take the time you would have used eating that meal, to pray for Hillbrow.

This day I went for a prayerdrive around Hillbrow. Believe me it is not safe to walk that route … Please don’t condemn my faith in the Lord’s protection here, because I approached this one with plain common sense of being a good steward of the car that would have been parked in the area as well as my life and personal belongings and money which I carry with me. Having said that, after the prayerdrive I also drove into the heart of Hillbrow, parked the car and prayerwalked around one block. It is easy to pray when you are in there – you just see the need in overwhelming blows – it’s all over man, it is all over … everywhere.

  • This is the very same place where I joined an outreach in 1983.
  • This is where the Lord did the first miracle I ever had a part in.
  • This was the place where I, for the first time I can remember, spoke to a stranger to lead him to the Lord.
  • This is the place that 20 to 30 years ago was earmarked as an area for evangelism.
  • This is the place that degraded in the last 20-30 years …
  • This is the area where I, as a youngster, also came to see what life is about
  • This is the place where the Lord forgot … about my sins, which I only asked to be forgiven for … but HE graciously forgave and also forgot
  • This is the place for which many Johannesburg-based Christians would have given up hope
  • This is the place we need to pray for

On that prayerdrive and prayerwalk I felt impressed to pray against:

  • Desperation in people’s hearts
  • Aimless wandering lives … People having nothing to live for
  • Loneliness
  • Busy-ness leading nowhere
  • Poverty
  • Evil forces welcomed and entertained there

and I felt impressed to pray for:

  • The softening of the ground – preparing hearts
  • For the labourers who are already working in the area, and the churches
  • For more labourers
  • For pleasant areas where children from the towering flats can come play in safety
  • And most of all I felt impressed to pray for more people to pray over this area.

I believe the Lord is raising up workers for this area – and what an exciting priviledge to pray for people who are not even knowing what they are being prepared for.

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