Prayer-walk for the drug addict

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A pilgrimage on dusty roads  through spectacular landscapes. The sun paints artistic shades on sandstone mountainsides. The wind carries a strange freshness in the air. The Maluti mountains boast their splendour. The African soil under your feet reminds of a journey deep within.
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Even if you don’t know it, I saw the sun rise this morning. I saw a new day break.

Cloudy sky

red hot open flaming sun

freshness in the morning dew

crispy chill cuts through skin

you made it to

a-NO-ther day

you made it through


so for today …

let’s pray

Within the first few kilometres, as I started out on my 50km walk, I felt that I could go on for the whole day.

I felt fit and ready … I felt light and bouncy

That was when I started to pray for you. And I mean it when I say: I came under a real conviction to pray for some specific things.

Life is really tough for those who have given in to drugs. Those who have been caught up in the addiction and who want to get out.

Doesn’t it feel like: “The world is just watching you – waiting for you to make your next mistake.”


  • You need support right now.
  • You need to know that people trust you to stay on the “straight and narrow”
  • You need to step out and feel you have the opportunity to be trusted
  • You need assurance and NOT criticism
  • You need LOVE and not rejection
  • You need support and not war
  • You need to feel unconditional love and not mistrust
  • You need to have your loved ones close and not hiding from you
  • You need help from even unseen forces (God/angels)
  • You are scared You are so bitterly scared you will do anything that anyone may say

Listen … I don’t know you, but I am praying for you. I know you made it through this day – and you have a new day ahead of you. Come, allow me to pray for you. Let me pray what is on my heart and let Jesus touch you.

Lord Jesus

I bring this precious person before You right now in prayer.

This is Your beloved child Lord God. You have planned his/her life and You still have dreams and plans for this life.

But there are so many who doesn’t acknowledge that those plans and purposes are still valid. I know they are, that is why I pray for this person Lord. I ask Lord that You will reveal Yourself to him/her. I ask Lord that You will let him/her feel how much You love them and I ask that You will work in the hearts of family and friends and help them to be accepting … and supportive … and not judgmental.

Lord, I ask from you – for this person – another chance. Lord I pray that You will give this child of Yours another chance.

Lord, I ask that You will give this person the HOPE which You have given me. That HOPE which will assure them of the things to come – even though there are consequences to being addicted (in any way) to drugs, there is HOPE. Lord I pray that You will reveal to them the true HOPE … YOU …

Jesus, You are the only HOPE in these desolate situations. And You work through friends and family. That is why I pray that You turn the hearts of the friends and family towards the drug addicts right now Lord. Even where there are many who have given up … You never give up – because You love us unconditionally.

Thank You Jesus.

Lord, I pray that You will send people across their paths to encourage them. (Yes my friend, you can do it!)
Lord, please come through in this situation in miraculous ways. Lord, I pray that You will work a miracle, send an angel or intervene divinely. Because this is an area where people are led astray and they need to get to know You as the Anchor in their lives.

Lord I ask that You will bring PEACE into many lives right now. Where fear of this unknown world-of-addiction can be so blinding, I pray that You bring PEACE and touch lives and hearts with Your peace right now.

Lord there are many children who are right now INNOCENT. I pray for them Lord. I pray that You will keep them from those wrong choices which so many people are sad to have made. I pray Lord that You will just hold our dear children safe from the agony and the pain which drug abuse can bring.

Lord I just pray for INNOCENCE in childhood right now

Sweet innocent life-loving God-fearing children.

I pray this as a blessing to everyone reading this page: To return to that FIRST LOVE. The peaceful loving relationship that You have for each of us. Addicted to Jesus!

In Your name Lord Jesus


As I started walking that long prayer-walk, I prayed these words and the more I walked, the more intense the feeling of empathy became. Just know that I have prayed this over many lives and with all my heart. You may have lost some part of your life due to drugging activities, but you still have time left. This is a new day, take it step by step.

And be encouraged that somewhere someone IS praying for you.

I didn’t manage to finish the whole 50km that day, I only managed to finish 32 … it took me 4 hours to get there. And those hours were spent on praying for you my friend. Don’t be scared, God is with you and I am standing in the gap, praying for you.

Here …

here is my hand.

Let’s go …

one step at a time

You will make it.

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