Living in a prayer …

11 days that will transform you life
A pilgrimage on dusty roads  through spectacular landscapes. The sun paints artistic shades on sandstone mountainsides. The wind carries a strange freshness in the air. The Maluti mountains boast their splendour. The African soil under your feet reminds of a journey deep within.
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That was the main challenge since daybreak …

The “13 August” prayerwalk through Brixton, Auckland Park, Melville started with challenge of opening in a prayer and not saying the usual “amen” at the end … but keeping it for later; while then being aware that we were all “living and walking” in that prayer. (That was quite a challenge)

As many people took part, so many testimonies there could be written here … but here is mine:

I up-front asked the leader of the first church what would be the thing they want prayer for, the most.

Wisdom to know how to be effective in that changing society.

Then the sun rose … and off we went.

As we gathered at the second church – the question was asked … Did anyone feel to pray for something in particular. And that would be the pattern throughout the walk. AND that would be part of what we learned today – to walk and let the Lord guide us into specific areas of intercession.

The second church was where we prayed for the church to be visible as living stones, and not just bricks on a building.

By the time we got to the third and forth churches, we prayed for the diversity of people who needs to reached in this area. We prayed against the spiritual death in the area. That the Lord would breath HIS life into the area.

Here the Lord spoke of a new season of His grace to church number 4. And what a holy moment did I observe. It was a moment that made me thank God for something that was so beautiful and … holy … At this church, one denomination, was a pastor of another church, another denomination; praying fervently for his brother in the Lord’s church. It was a moment that I wanted to capture and show the whole world the holiness I felt.

The next church was where I sang that all men (business and those residing in the area) shall know that we are HIS disciples – FOR the love we have for one another.

The next church had a rough ( r o u g h ) wooden cross in the garden. Just symbolising “that old rugged cross …”; and we prayed that God will show the people in the area to open their beautiful but empty houses to invite Him in. And He will use His children to make it happen. One body of believers in this area … (WOW)

Halfway is where a church felt to serve refreshments – (yummm)

Next a blessing – where the Lord said he will clothe the humble approach with HIS glory. So they do it humbly – and people see it reflecting His glory – incredible how the Lord works.

The next section had a change in the air … we could feel the brokenness and worldly pleasures take first place. And after praying for the area, we arrived it this little church which may fit 80 people i think. There was an unannounced movement among the prayer walkers to go inside.

As I stepped in, it was S I L E N T . . .

Everyone just came in and sat down. There was such a feeling as if the Lord was just in that building with us. It was awesome. And it was silent … And then people began to pray gently – while maintaining the respectful attitude to the Lord. And a worship song broke loose – in the same respectful attitude.

People were touched. Some cried …

I just wanted to stay there.

“In Your presence … there is peace”

On we went feeling the differences in the spirit realm as we walked and prayed.

The Lord laid on our hearts to pray for reconciliation and unity as we visited a next church. He prompted us to pray over His rebuilding things in this area, and for welcoming the Holy Spirit to be used as cement to bond relationships among different churches.

This was not only a walk where people prayed and interceded … I have seen many (like myself) being touched by the Lord on this walk.

And start living in a prayer

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