Joburg Dead Sea Prayer-walk

11 days that will transform you life
A pilgrimage on dusty roads  through spectacular landscapes. The sun paints artistic shades on sandstone mountainsides. The wind carries a strange freshness in the air. The Maluti mountains boast their splendour. The African soil under your feet reminds of a journey deep within.
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Finding God’s heart on a prayer-walk around Johannesburg

Walking on the dusty dead sea sand

… hot, dry and lifeless air

scorching through dirty, sticky hair

wrinkles around the eyes reflect the wear and tear

sweaty droplet trickles down an unwiped cheek

onto lips that have never uttered unto God a prayer

from the hard and unknown lonely heart

surrounded by walls and hurts so deep

Do you know what it is and Who you seek?

come walk with Jesus; hand-in-hand

let the gentle breeze

of the Holy Spirit bring you ease

bring rest to your weak and weary knees

and you will find the love of a Father

Look back and you will see

countless footprints in the sand

of those who prayed for you

through your wear and tear

you were so unaware

how they often placed you in His care

The bride and Christ, hand-in-hand

Living Water on your dusty dead sea sand

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This is how I feel when I see God revealing Himself as I put the plans for this prayerwalk onto paper.


This is how I see people react when I tell about how God makes things come together in the planning.

Let me share what I have seen in the planning for the Dead Sea prayerwalk around Johannesburg; and what has left me speechless.

As I pondered the 210km prayerwalk around the city of Johannesburg and the Holy Spirit spoke into my heart to walk around Johannesburg as if walking around the dead sea, I started planning this prayerwalk by mapping the border of Johannesburg and breaking it down into daily sections.

The over-all theme is be Ezekiel 47, where we read about how Ezekiel saw the water flowing from the temple. He sees it being measured – first ankle deep, then knee-deep, then waist-deep, then so deep he could not pass through. When the waters enter the dead sea; it becomes fresh. This river makes the water in the dead sea fresh and everything will live where the river goes. And there will be many kinds of fish in the dead sea – and fishermen will come there for the catch.

On Sunday morning 5 Dec 2010, I will be starting off by attending the early-morning service at Little Falls Christian Centre. From there I walk to Clearwater Mall to attend the morning service at H2O Ministries Int. From there I cross over the hills which serve as the watershed for two of southern Africa’s mightiest rivers, the Limpopo and the Orange river. After 37km, the end for this day will be in Watermeyer Street. (Watermeyer: 2 words = Water + (meh YER) Origin: Hebrew – Meaning: He who illuminates)

It is kind of logical by now that the theme for the first day will be water. And we pray that God’s presence and the gospel of thruth will come into this city ankle deep, knee-deep, waist-deep and so deep we cannot help ourselves – but just cling to Jesus.

The most significant thing of the second day (for me) will be passing through “De Deur” (The Door). We have seen the waters starting from the threshold, we now come to the door and we pray that the doors and the gates will open for God to rule and reign in this city. And more – Jesus is The Door (John 10:9) I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture.

On the third day I will pass ruins of the dwellings of Sotho/Tswana people who lived there 300 and more years ago, as well as an old farmhouse, old war fortifications and sites from the gold rush days.

As I pass a local and an international airport, 2 things stand out for me:

The river that made the dead sea fresh – also brought fish of all kinds. People of all kinds are in Joburg. And now the harvest is ready – and we pray for revival in this city Lord. and we pray that You will use those who are already fishers of men to proclaim your gospel of truth. and let your good news spread from here into Africa and out to the whole world, Let your children “soar like eagles”

I feel this day we will be praying against false Gods, idols and all kinds of strongholds.

For this day I have on my heart – the seeking and the lost

Bask and walk in God’s glory

We pass through an area called Honeydew and I read these words as we plan to walk with God.

And in that day

the mountains shall drip sweet wine,

and the hills shall flow with milk,

and all the streambeds of Judah

shall flow with water;

and a fountain shall come forth from the house of the LORD

and water the Valley of Shittim. (Joel 3:18)

Lord Jesus,

As we prepare for this walk with You

I pray that You will draw each one of us closer to You

and as we pray for this city that You will draw people closer to You

and that You will make our hearts compassionate

to pray for those who are in this city

use us Lord

for Your glory

in Jesus’ name

… amen

The watershed

Walking uphill on the first day, a hot afternoon, was tough. Some time later I was sitting on a rock right on the watershed.

If a raindrop fell to my left it would flow to the Indian Ocean and on my right to the Atlantic Ocean.

In the spirit Joburg has to go one way or the other – for Jesus or against Jesus … While enjoying the rest on that rock, I prayed this prayer: Father God, I pray that this will be a time of the watershed and that Joburg will choose Jesus. Just after I said amen, it started to rain very gently.

Much later I just felt God say: “the day’s work is done”. I passed a small dam. There were a few tents on the other side. I knew that was where I would be pitching my tent for the night. Earlier that day I stopped counting how many people I prayed for along the road. I thank Jesus for those divine appointments.

Sitting in the tent a few minutes later, I contemplated the scripture God gave me as theme (Ezekiel 47) where it speaks of the healing of the Dead Sea waters and fishermen coming to fish there by the Dead Sea… Here I prepared to sleep by the dam that night, amongst the fishermen. I thought it was almost prophetic.

Guarding heaps of sand

I woke up very early and started of for a very long walk and a busy day. The birds were singing and my first early morning prayers were more praise and worship. The previous night I saw the water. Walking in the sunrise the next morning I saw the sand. Among the clusters of houses and businesses, large heaps of fine yellow sand. Actually old mine dumps. Unreal – they were all fenced off with security towers around every corner. They have watchmen guarding heaps of sand.

What are you guarding?

I saw and prayed for so many people. Early in the morning I met a local community leader who took me by the hand and lead me through his township to pray for sick people. There were great needs, from sick people, jobless guys in the shebeen, and the hopeless ones. A little girl and a baby were both affected by the unhealthy living conditions and demonic activity in the area.

I prayed God would send more harvesters. The harvest is so plentiful and the false teachers are so active.

Man of peace

Two different prayer-partners SMS’ed saying God speaks to them about “a man of peace”. I didn’t know how amazing this day would be.

I met three leaders without appointments. After meeting the last one, a leader of a mega-church, I was told that I was very very lucky to see him because president Zuma sometimes visits unexpectedly and then he just cant see this man, because he’s too busy. I thank God for arranging divine appointments where we could just arrive and share Him with people.

An old man in this poverty stricken township stood by his house. I felt the Lord lay on my heart to go pray for him. He invited me inside. After some fellowship I prayed for him. He walked out with me and as the sunlight dramatically accented the silver in his beard on his old leathery black skin, I noticed tears in his eyes. As we shook hands he held on gently and said: “Never in my life did I think a white man would ever come to my house to pray for me”.


I met a man who walked a good distance with me. We talked a lot about the prayer-walk and my passion for God. At some point he showed me where they plant their maize and vegetables in the field. They don’t have any means of irrigation. They are dependant only on rain but the crops are battling to grow due to some very dry weeks. When I suggested we pray and ask God for rain, he looked at me in disbelief. I explained a bit about trusting God and praying in faith for His provision. We prayed together as we walked over the dusty ground.  Two days later I received an SMS text message from him. My heart jumped as I read it: “It’s raining!”.

The hope of glory

I was heading towards the south towards De Deur (The Door) to pray and invite the king of Glory to come in.

A car stopped next to me in the street. I mean literally in the middle of that two-way street. I cautiously checked for oncoming cars and then walked to the car to speak to the lady. It was someone I spoke to the previous day. She told me she wasn’t feeling well and she was on her way to the hospital.

I asked if I could pray for her.

She folded her hands on the steering wheel, closed her eyes and bowed her head. Right there in the middle of the street she whispered “Yes”.

The moment was a precious and then we prayed.

Gold Rush prayer-walk

As I walked from Walkerville towards Klipriviersberg I passed some historical gold-rush sites. I felt to pray for the greed that birthed this city and how it is still controlling Joburg. Then God impressed on my heart to pray for those left with shattered dreams and so many who have lost hope… Please read Psalm 51 as you pray over Joburg.

Streams to rivers


Overview as I stand on a hill:

I see Joburg

its raining over the south

golden rays over city centre

dark clouds over the east

and excitement in the north

… Come Lord Jesus

On the last day of the of this incredible walk around Joburg, it all came together: I stood on a hill overlooking the whole city which took me seven days to walk around. Shortly after the rain started. Then hail, thunder and wind! A massive storm. It started as I came to a very long downhill road.

I saw water trickle from the side of the road. These trickles soon became streams. When I ended at the bottom of the long downhill, there were mighty streams of gushing water which I couldn’t cross … and I remembered how this prayer-walk started with Ezekiel 47. The water first was ankle deep, knee deep waste deep and eventually to deep to cross … and when it flowed into the dead sea – it made everything fresh.

I knew in my heart that this mission was accomplished… I understand that unless God washes this City, it cannot be clean. So lets keep on praying.

Prayer encouragement

Two weeks after completing the prayer-walk I spoke to some people from the township whom I prayed for.

  • The woman who’s daughter was battling to get a job:
    Her daughter got a job 3 days after we prayed!
  • The baby who couldn’t sleep:
    She started sleeping well, as well as through the night!
  • The guy who I prayed for while he was hanging around in a shebeen complaining about the people of the township:
    He said he has seen a change in the township since I prayed for them!
  • The guy needing bus-fare to go to his homeland:
    He departed on that bus 4 days later!

Thank You Father God!

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