How to Prayerwalk?

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A pilgrimage on dusty roads  through spectacular landscapes. The sun paints artistic shades on sandstone mountainsides. The wind carries a strange freshness in the air. The Maluti mountains boast their splendour. The African soil under your feet reminds of a journey deep within.
Let your heart and mind find its resting place in God. Read more

I walk your soil … I feel your wind

… and I breath your air

I drink your water … I meet your people

… and I bless you with my prayer

I want to emphasize at the outset that prayerwalking is firstly about the prayer … the talking with God. If your heart is right in this, the walking will follow naturally. It does not matter how you walk but how your heart is before Him.

I don’t have a 5-step plan. Prayerwalking is a very individual activity, which will differ from person to person. Here then are some basic suggestions to help you get a better understanding or maybe to motivate you to press in further than where you currently are in your spiritual walk with the Lord.

First just check that your clothing and shoes are so that you wouldn’t get uncomfortable. We want to concentrate on the praying.

Will there be watering points, or should you carry a water bottle, or money for some treat on the way.

Hats and cream for the sun (if you are in Africa for example)

If you are in any way unsure of your safety, take someone with – or at least carry a cell phone. I am not saying we should not trust the Lord for our safety – I am just encouraging good stewardship and a common sense approach. (smile)

Tip number one for me is let the Lord guide your route, speed, topics to pray and how big the group should be. I suggest to say to a group beforehand that I may change the route as we are on the walk – and they should just feel free to let the Lord prompt them to come with or stay on the route.


You may sit with Him beforehand and plan it. Just praying: Lord please guide me in planning the route and the time and the prayer.

Warming up

I sometimes start of by just walking casually – to get the muscles in motion … warmed up. At this time I don’t pray very focussed. At most maybe starting to talk to the Lord, asking for guidance as I prepare to start. This is also a good time to get your heart right before the Lord, repenting of any sins and asking forgiveness and committing to a pure walk. This is also a time that the distractive thoughts seem to come and go – but just let it … later in the walk it normally fades away.

Brisk and fast walking

When I feel my body is warmed up I move into a brisk walk. When I walk at a fast speed – I usually pray “outward”. Meaning I concentrate on praying for whatever is on my list. I don’t listen much for answers or insights at this speed.

Try higher speeds some times. (Being a trained racewalker, I can attain high speeds and that is a very focused activity – which I have found a very powerful vehicle for prayer)

Casual walking

Let the Lord guide you about your speed. I find that I pray “inward” when I walk casually. Meaning that this is the time I often hear the Lord speak His heart to me. How I just love it when the Lord shows me things and reveals things to me on a walk … and even lets me talk back and tell Him what I feel.

Praying and talking:


I regulate the volume according to where I am. Sometimes it is good to just ask the Lord to guide in this in being sensitive to the people around you.


Pray like you normally would pray. This is just extending your prayers to the outside of church and your house.

Types of prayer

I don’t think any type of prayer is prohibited while you walk … as long as you let the Holy Spirit guide you. You can intercede, do warfare, praise,or just worship Him. What I find is often the types of prayer will alternate according to what is being prayed for.

I do feel if you walk in another country – while you breath that air, drink that water and tread that soil – it is a good time for praying for that country – and asking the Lord to reveal to you what you can pray for. I find that happens by just praying. Just start, and then as you pray – you may find you are led in an area of prayer – just start praying in general and follow the nudging in your heart.

Sometimes I sing over the area as I walk. Sometimes I whistle. This can work well even if there are people around you – whistle or hum the song even over them. Just be careful as you follow the leading of the Lord.

Special blessings

Sometimes you will be just blessed by feeling His manifest presence over you as you walk. If that happens, just enjoy it. And let Him show you if this is just for you to enjoy or whether you should take it to the nation … I have found that many times He just blesses me as I offer the time for Him.


I believe to give any words to people that you may get along the walk. Whether you have to stop and talk to someone or whether you have to phone or email someone afterwards. This I normally do as soon as I can – before i forget the words or before it is too late – If it is encouragement it is best to give it while they still need it hey.

I just bless you as you move your prayers outside your closet and church to the countries and the people. In Jesus Name I bless you with as much a return of blessings as you pray over others

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