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On my morning prayer-walk (winter is here – brrr), I was praying for motorists as they were passing by. As usual, this was done in an inconspicuous way.

It is about 2 months now since the Holy Spirit started prompting me to be sensitive while interceding for motorists, because He would lay on my heart specific things to pray for as specific people would pass by.

Bearing into a light icy wind, as I was walking up a hill, with some vehicles passing by, I was in an instant struck by the words: “grace to forgive”.

I realised that, since I was praying in the spirit, it was a prompting of the Holy Spirit to pray that for someone. As I walked along, praying that for the person (only God knows who and why), I realised the profoundness of those words. It is in a way a wonderful blessing to receive the grace to forgive. After all … I often thank God for His grace by which He forgives me.

Yes, we have been redeemed through his blood, as He forgave our sins … all in accordance with the riches of His grace. (as in Ephesians 1:7)

Lord Jesus

I pray that You make us more like You.

I pray for the that person who drove by me today … I know it was either the silver or red car. As they need the grace to forgive someone in their lives, I thank You now Lord that it was You who first forgave us – through Your grace.

And as we live under Your grace, help us to be gracious to others … and forgiving.

So Lord I ask that You will just give that person a measure of grace … boldness in the heart … to simply forgive

to forgive … without strings attached

and that a relationship will be restored

And I pray that this will lead to a fresh and new relationship with You too Lord.

Someone who we don’t even know, will draw closer to You

because Your Holy Spirit prompted prayer for that person

… because Your love is of such a full measure that You will do what is needed to get your children back in their relationship with You

Ohh … Grace to forgive …

… … … …

mmm mm mm mmmm

.. ….. … …

Thank You for that Father God

Thank You Holy Spirit

Thank You, thank You Jesus


… I knew from the moment when the car passed me, there would be more than only that motorist who was to be included in this prayer. And I know in my spirit that this prayer was for someone who would read these words.

If you are wiping tears from your eyes, be encouraged – I am still praying for you.

Lord give us too … grace to forgive …

mmm mm mm mmmm

mmmm mm mm mmmm

mm mm mmm mmmmm … (singing)

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