End of the line prayer-walk

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A pilgrimage on dusty roads  through spectacular landscapes. The sun paints artistic shades on sandstone mountainsides. The wind carries a strange freshness in the air. The Maluti mountains boast their splendour. The African soil under your feet reminds of a journey deep within.
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I used to travel to work on the Auckland train on the Western line. I got off at the 4th last stop …

I have often wondered what is at the last stop.

Way out in the Waitakere mountain ranges.

Way out where the trains stop and turn back …

Way out, there at the end of the line … the last stop.

One day I put in a day’s leave and went on a journey to the last stop where I believe God prompted me to go prayer-walk.

Before I started, while I was praying and I felt God speak into my spirit about being connected to the roots;

… grafted into the vine

… getting back to the center of it all

… J E S U S … J E S U S … J E S U S

… Most important; the One who it is all about –

As I got off the train on that last stop, I felt to go into a certain direction and just prayed as I walked up and over the hills along a small dusty road.

Oh how I prayed that the community in the Waitakere area would come to the source again. Just like the legacy that their forefathers left behind – a deep real relationship with the Author and Finisher of our lives. The “Lily of the valley”, the “Prince of peace” … Jesus.

I also had the feeling in my heart that this area was marking some kind of boundary, a spiritual boundary laid as foundation by the faithful christians from the past. That boundary was still valid, but needed to be restored. It was possible, because the roots, the foundation had been laid.

I had a specific word on my heart for the area:

“So come Waitakere. Now is the time to worship. Now is the time to praise the Lord. Now is the time for a new secure grafting and building on those old foundations. Now is the time for a new fresh connection with God. And see how He will grow the bride. See how He will make a new tree grow from that old stump. Trust Him and get re-connected.”

I remember clearly going over a hill, seeing the whole valley coming into view in the distance. The meandering road passed right underneath the overhanging branches of a huge tree next to a tranquil stream.

From a distance this was intrigued and excited to see that I was on the road leading to and beyond that tree.

The moment I passed under that tree, it was as if I walked through a veil. It was as if I stepped onto a kind of open heaven. The presence of God was overwhelming.

I gasped, and wanted to hold my breath as it felt like He was there in person … walking right next to me, almost all around me, almost surrounding me. A gateway to heaven…

His amazing presence was so remarkably tangible there under that tree. It was almost just a cool breeze away – kind of blowing through my bones.

Settling deep in my heart.

Oh Lord God,

This is my prayer for the person reading this:

May they experience Your manifest presence

May they experience an intimate relationship with You

in new and exciting ways.

May they experience walking on holy ground

in Your very presence

In Jesus’ name


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