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Kimberley to Kuruman

It was after dark when the bus entered Kimberley. I remembered from the previous prayerwalk that there was a sign near the big hole advertising a camp site. I got off the bus in a quiet parking area. As I made my way towards the Big Hole, I was shocked to see the how many […]

Whisperings in the dark

Gariep dam Almost 2 weeks after starting the long walk from the biggest man-made hole in Kimberley, we reached the biggest man-made dam in SA. What an adventure with Jesus! Being the biggest man-made dam, the wall has a road on the top. That was our final destination. We only reached it after dark. The […]

Finding Jesus

Finding Jesus In Your presence there is joy in Your presence there is peace in Your presence there is J E S U S We yearn for Your presence

“Gates of heaven” at Petrusville

We stayed over just outside the small town of Petrusville. The next day there was a long way to cover so I got started very early in the morning. It was a lovely and fresh morning. I had to cover 3km before I walked into town. As I walked, I was praising God and thanking […]

God prepared the way

Before we left Johannesburg a friend said to me to remember that in the same way as the hard soil is softened by the rain, a hardened heart can be softened by the rain of the Holy Spirit.” During the week before the prayerwalk, two days of rain broke the drought they have been experiencing. […]

Being the answer to someone’s prayer

A man in a traditional church finds himself outside the usual religious boundaries as he hungers and thirsts for a deeper spiritual walk with God. He cries out: “Lord I feel so empty! Please fill me.” Through a series of coincidences I meet that man the very next day. When I walked into Petrusburg I […]

Hearing His voice

Hearing His voice in the mist I started out on the 66km prayerwalk from Roodepoort to Heidelberg. It was around sunrise, still a bit chilly and quite misty. Across the road,  the outline of the hill was faintly visible. I prayed for the prayer partners on my list. The prayer was about eyes being blinded […]

The mysterious number 66

Being obedient and choosing to take the longer route meant that we actually went to the exact place Father wanted us to go: The centre of South Africa The only indication of this being the centre of the country are the tourism brochures and the confirmations from the people in the nearby town Petrusburg. To […]

No time to stop

Our host Before starting the prayerwalk, our host at our first sleepover enjoyed a cup of coffee with us. A few minutes before leaving for the 66km, she started to talk. It was one of those discussions that I knew in my heart was more important than the need to get going on the more-than-full-day-of-walking […]

Nearer my God to Thee

Father laid on my heart scripture that I should proclaim over the route as I walk. Under the leading of the Holy Spirit I prayed that people would realise that God surely is in that place. I walked over the land praying that people will get a holy fear and be in awe of God. […]

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