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One Penny Worship

God asked Moses: “What is that in your hand?” He said, “A staff.” Exodus 4:2 (ESV) What gift do I have in my hand to serve God with? Moses had a staff … He performed miracles, parted the sea and made water gush from the rock. David had a harp … He wrote the most […]

Connecting the two fountains

Two fountains connected by an extreme prayer-walk. The one in the middle of South Africa dried up around 1891. The other is an inexhaustible fresh water fountain. This prayer-walk was about rocks in the desert, and water, and water from the Rock, and about re-opening the ancient wells. I reached the fountain in Kuruman at […]

Getting lost

I walked until sunset and popped up the tent behind a bush next to the road. I understood why I received a lunch pack the previous evening. I have walked about half a day since passing the last farm house. It is a vast open space of semi-desert; and Father provided my “daily bread” me. […]


A month ago I didn’t even know where Kathu was. Now I was on my way there on a series of dirt and sand roads which should take me two days. Just me, the Holy Spirit, Father God and Jesus. It felt adventurous to see the town and outlaying homesteads fade in the distance as […]

Wrong road, right plan

On the first few days, the sky was clear. It is harder to pray for rain when the you don’t see clouds! I had a good night’s rest because from here I would need to carry the backpack, tent and food for the distance of more than a marathon (45km+) each day, for four days […]

Vessels and tools

While prayerwalking from Kimberley to Gariep something specific caught my attention day after day. The side of the road was scattered with bottles of all kinds. In this dry area I have come to realise how important water or any other kind of fluid is. I saw so many bottles along the side of the […]

A flat tyre and a punctured spare

As I came close to the town of Barkly West, there were many opportunities to minister. Many people who saw me walking into town with the big backpack stopped me to ask who, where from, where to and why. When people ask this, it is easy to talk about prayer and God and the things […]

God’s love keeps following us

The owner of the pub gave me permission to pitch my tent and sleep in the back yard for free. The barman refunded me from his tips for the meal I bought. When I left, I realised why I had to come to the pub. While walking down the steps outside the pub I heard […]

I never would have dared

The second day was also cloudless. This made a greater impact as I passed a dried-up dam. Inside the bed of that dam was a windmill and a small swimming pool sized dam. Cattle were standing close by. A watering hole inside a dried-up dam. I prayed for rain. The day was warm and the […]

Answer to prayer is on the way

Early in the morning, on that Sunday when I started walking from Kimberley to Barkly West a woman prayed and asked God to please send someone who could pray with her. After visiting the people where God intervened by helping to fix the flat tyre dilemma, I went back to the sign that caught my […]

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