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A woman stopped me while I was walking through Middelburg. She asked if she could pray for me! Her prayer centered around thanksgiving and asking God to keep me safe on the road; and that He will give His angels charge concerning my safety … 50 metres further, without noticing anything, a pickpocket unzipped and emptied the side pocket […]

50 years since the war and peace

In preparing for the prayer-walk in Namibia I realise: I will enter the country on their Independence Day The Angolan Bush War which was fought primarily in Northern Namibia and Southern Angola lasted from 1966 until 1989 The total of 23 years makes it one of Africa’s longest conflicts. Even today, 27 years after the […]

Slipping away

Training for Namibia Walking in the hills in the South of Johannesburg this morning, I was confronted with so many choices – all just choices of which way to choose to go; left or right… I just realised that life is like that too – although the destination is to get to the top of the mountain, […]

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