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Kicking up a storm

Prayerwalking around a soccer field can score you some great insights. This evening, as I prayerwalked around a soccer field where several very young teams were training, I was immediately struck by one of the coaches. He was just giving his whole heart in the training session. His whole attitude was that of training a winning […]

HIS global love

The Lord has just blessed me by revealing a sweet piece of His wonderful love. I recieved an email from someone just about on the other side of the globe from where Africa is – New Zealand. Someone there read my account of the prayerwalk in Denmark and among other things that had an effect […]

Carry HIS fire …

Lord make us instruments … of YOUR PEACE … And Lord, make me a catalyst of YOUR change. Where-ever I go – I want to be instrumental in bringing HIS peace to the situation. But I want more than that. When I come into a place – I want to be a catalyst of change. […]

Prayerwalker’s poem about the road

The further I go       the fewer the houses             the street becomes a road The deeper I go The further I go       the fewer the cars             the city becomes a countryside The deeper I go The further I […]

PRYAER-WALK … No Spelling mistake!

Sending emails to tell people about the Bulldozer prayer-walk, one email had a spelling mistake on it … PRYAER-WALK It kept on tugging at my heart – so I looked it up to see if there is some kind of meaning there: “PRY” = Use force in order to move or open (something) or to […]

How to Prayerwalk?

I walk your soil … I feel your wind … and I breath your air I drink your water … I meet your people … and I bless you with my prayer I want to emphasize at the outset that prayerwalking is firstly about the prayer … the talking with God. If your heart is […]

Personal call to prayerwalk

It was autumn, 2002 and I was walking on a dirt road, just outside Johannesburg, South Africa; praying, singing and talking to God, when suddenly a sense of deep joy and fulfilment came over me. I could just see over the dry, tall wintery grass. Between the tall grasses wild flowers dotted an array of […]

Joburg Dead Sea Prayer-walk

Finding God’s heart on a prayer-walk around Johannesburg Walking on the dusty dead sea sand … hot, dry and lifeless air scorching through dirty, sticky hair wrinkles around the eyes reflect the wear and tear sweaty droplet trickles down an unwiped cheek onto lips that have never uttered unto God a prayer from the hard […]


Adamsfontein Discovering God’s heart for the outcast between Agtertang Siding and Adamsfontein On a cold winters day in the semi-desert, God revealed something life-changing about His mercy and warm loving Father heart. It was a year before on another prayer-walk (between Colesberg and the Gariep Dam) that I first saw this sign. I was intrigued. […]

Jesus – the beginning and the end

The first thing (“I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.” (Revelation of John 1:8, ESV)) and the last, (When I saw him, I fell at his feet as though dead. But he laid his right hand on me, saying, […]

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