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Adamsfontein Discovering God’s heart for the outcast between Agtertang Siding and Adamsfontein On a cold winters day in the semi-desert, God revealed something life-changing about His mercy and warm loving Father heart. It was a year before on another prayer-walk (between Colesberg and the Gariep Dam) that I first saw this sign. I was intrigued. […]

Jesus – the beginning and the end

The first thing (“I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.” (Revelation of John 1:8, ESV)) and the last, (When I saw him, I fell at his feet as though dead. But he laid his right hand on me, saying, […]

I walk to the trees

On Monday I was just getting back into the routine of training after a bit of muscle-resting. Tuesday started of on a high note … I first walked 3km and then did some fast and furious dashes. (that means I walk 100m at a slow pace and then walk very fast for the next 100m.) […]

Prayer-walk for the drug addict

Even if you don’t know it, I saw the sun rise this morning. I saw a new day break. Cloudy sky red hot open flaming sun freshness in the morning dew crispy chill cuts through skin you made it to a-NO-ther day you made it through YES-ter-day so for today … let’s pray Within the […]

Give us this day our daily bread

On a long prayer-walk I attended a church service, and met a person from one of the other small towns in the area. I was invited to come and visit, should I happen to pass through their town. A few days later I recognised the name of the town as I entered it on the […]

Sunnyvale Sunrise prayer-walk

This morning I just felt in my heart to get of at the train station before my usual destination, and pray as I walked from there. As I walked away from Sunnyvale train station on this cold morning, the clouds were starting to display a range of warm orange and red reflections of a spectacular […]

Samson – no ordinary guide

The first time I saw Samson, was on a cold and rainy day. My first impression of him, as he got onto the train, was of his contrasts: A huge personality with a gentle approach … Golden hair – thick and soft … Big heart of Lion heart … Samson travels free, like any guide […]

End of the line prayer-walk

I used to travel to work on the Auckland train on the Western line. I got off at the 4th last stop … I have often wondered what is at the last stop. Way out in the Waitakere mountain ranges. Way out where the trains stop and turn back … Way out, there at the […]

Thirstday prayer-walk

My cup runneth over (on a Sunday); but does it last until Thursday … After setting out on a 10 km prayer-walk, I came to a very (very) steep uphill. Once I got to the summit, I felt a barrenness in my heart. I was praying over the area, but it felt as if there […]

Stirred and shaken by a quake prayer-walk

I have much to say about this prayer-walk, but let me start off by stating a fact: The area where I walked is not lying on any major fault-line, therefore earthquakes in the region are relatively rare. At daybreak I started walking and praying as I linked various churches in the area with one long […]

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